1. Each shipping receipt is the proof/customs declaration for shipping of one package, insured to the maximum amount of $100 based on the list of items/values provided by the customer on the shipping document. Any additional insurance can be purchased ONLY WITH THE ORIGINAL PROOF OF PURCHASE (RECEIPT) FOR EACH ITEM INSURED and is calculated at the cost of $1 for each $50 of insurance.

  2. Polamer is not responsible for any technical damage of any item shipped. Any complains and/or requests for reimbursement must be filed with the company within 6 (six) moths of the shipping date. Polamer reserves the right to determine the amount (not to exceed $100) and manner in which any reimbursement will be issued based on documents provided (including but not limited to the proof of delivery in the destination country.) Any such reimbursement will be extended in a form of credit for Polamer services. Any shipment of fragile goods, such as glass, ceramics, porcelain, art, plastics etc. and other items easily susceptible to breakage is done at the sole discretion of the shipper, who waves the right to hold Polamer responsible for any damages due to improper packing.

  3. Polamer is not responsible for any delays due to unforeseen reasons, beyond company’s control. In the case of improper or incomplete contact details (name, address, mobile telephone number of the recipient ) Polamer company is not responsible for delays or miscarriage of parcels.

  4. By signing the shipping document, the shipper confirms that that the shipping/custom declaration reflect the actual contents of the package and that it does not contain any prohibited and/or hazardous materials, including but not limited to money, narcotics, explosives, guns, ammunition, liquids, oils, toxins and other items, shipping of which is prohibited by the US and PL import laws. If the package contains any of prohibited items, the package will be confiscated and destroyed by the appropriate government agencies.

  5. By signing the shipping document, the shipper agrees and confirms consent to scan/inspect the package and have it destroyed if it is found to contain any of prohibited items, without any reimbursement and agrees to be held accountable for any costs incurred in the process.